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Web Design Philippines: 4 Times It Affects Content Marketing

Content is the lifeblood of digital marketing. Filipinos hate ads, so you can’t achieve your business goals without doing content marketing. In fact, 73% and 70% of B2B and B2C marketers, respectively, depend on content marketing to reach and engage with their target audiences.

Producing blogs, videos, and podcasts is no joke, but it works. However, all of your effort will go down the drain if your pages don’t provide good user experience.

Don’t believe us?

Here are four reasons why you can’t execute effective content marketing campaigns without good web design in the Philippines:

It Makes Content More Easily Discoverable

If you publish your content on a site that has broken images and slow loading times, Google will likely not rank your pages high on search engine results pages. As a result, you’d miss out on potential traffic your targeted keywords could drive toward your site.

Say your site is popular enough to not rely on organic search traffic to get visitors. Bad web design can still make your content virtually non-existent. That’s because not being findable for three clicks or taps at most can cause so much inconvenience your visitors may decide to just bounce off.

It Lends More Credibility to Content

Did you know that legitimate- and professional-looking websites are generally more trustworthy?

The four pillars of website credibility are: design qualitytransparencyupdated information, and interconnectedness to the rest of the internet.

In other words, to appear credible, your site should:

  • Be painlessly navigable.
  • Display well-thought-out visual elements.
  • Disclose key details visitors want to know.
  • Show current information consistently.
  • Have good search engine optimization (SEO).

Miss any of the above and your site (and your content by extension) will immediately seem dubious in the eyes of many visitors. Just ask the leading providers of SEO services in the Philippines.

It Aids Comprehension

Terrible web design can turn off certain visitors.

For example, over-relying on text (even when you organize your sentences and paragraphs well) can make the lives of visual learners harder. To appeal to them, a better approach is to use images, infographics, and/or videos in lieu of words to say more with less.

Furthermore, bad site design can make your text-based content hard to read. Poor formatting, unsightly color contrast, scarcity of whitespace, and unresponsiveness all lead to text illegibility. In turn, you’ll fail to send your message across.

It Helps Content Become More Accessible

Less thoughtful web design can displease people with disabilities, especially individuals with some form of visual impairment.

As a general rule, you can address the most common web design mistakes by:
  • Using the right font, text size, and spacing.
  • Leveraging colors to distinguish the foreground from the background.
  • Making your pages navigable through the keyboard.
  • Reducing distracting visuals.
  • Highlight the most relevant sections of the content.

On your own, you can’t design your site to be inclusive to all; that’s why assistive technology exists. But you should at least make better web design decisions to render your pages accessible to as many visitors as possible.

Use SDev Technologies to Fuse Content Marketing With Web Design

Invest in quality web design in the Philippines to avoid wasting your content marketing budget. Learn more about SDev’s web design and development services today. If you’d rather discuss your needs with our experts, reach out to us now and get a quote!

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