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VAPT Philippines: Why Filipino Apps Are in Danger Without It

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) is one of the most underappreciated solutions to combat cyber threats in the Philippines. Granted, it can drive up the cost of developing an app in the country, but it can pay for itself by preventing financial losses stemming from online attacks.

If you’re planning to create a desktop, mobile, or web application or develop an application programming interface (API), here’s why you must do VAPT in the Philippines:

Cybersecurity in the Country Is Immature

Did you know that the Pearl of the Orient is the second-most cyber-attack country in the world?
In 2022, 49.8% of web-based threats targeted internet users in the archipelago. From 2020 to 2023, the Department of Information and Communications Technology monitored approximately 3,000 high-level cyber attacks in the country. By April 2023, no less than five government agencies had been targeted.

Cyber criminals purposely go after the Philippines for many reasons.

First, the country’s security infrastructure isn’t up to par, which is why the Philippines ranked 61st in the ITU Global Cybersecurity Index. Both the public and private sectors haven’t invested enough to neutralize cyber attacks, making Filipinos more vulnerable targets.
Second, the internet penetration rate in the Philippines has been growing, thanks to the government’s efforts to expand broadband connectivity to far-flung areas. However, new internet users are less discerning than more experienced ones. Therefore, there’s always an abundant supply of less judicious Filipinos that are practically sitting ducks for bad actors.
Third, Filipinos spend more than nine hours a day online, only behind South Africans and Brazilians. Such high internet usage gives cyber criminals plenty of opportunity to launch attacks.
Fourth, the Philippines is home to one of the largest groups of freelancers on the planet. So, the devices of millions of Filipinos can act as entry points to the corporate systems and networks malicious characters ultimately want to exploit.

Crimeware Is on Tap

The dark web has democratized cyber crime. Nowadays, an average person can hack devices using sophisticated tools they can conveniently buy on the black market.

The fact that crimeware is widely accessible means literally anyone with drive and malice can compromise apps—particularly those that don’t undergo VAPT in the Philippines.

There’s a Significant Talent Shortage

The tech skills gap remains a global phenomenon. But it’s a bigger concern in the Philippines whose local companies usually can’t match the highly competitive salaries offered abroad.

Sure, many organizations have taken steps to source talent and mitigate the effects of having understaffed cybersecurity teams. But resourcefulness alone can’t remedy the scarcity of qualified professionals in the country. As cyber threats continue to evolve, the situation may only get worse before it becomes better.

How Can SDev’s VAPT Team Can Shield You From Cyber Threats?

At SDev, we specialize in two types of VAPT in the Philippines: static and dynamic application security testing. That’s why we can definitely assist you in identifying any potential vulnerabilities in your apps and APIs during and after development before they become real headaches. Schedule your consultation with us to discuss your needs!

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