How Much Is Web Design in the Philippines?

How Much Is Web Design in the Philippines?

The proliferation of intuitive website building solutions have democratized web design and development. Suddenly, it’s possible to create HTML5 and mobile-responsive sites with zero technical background and without spending a fortune.

Although website builders have unquestionable merits, they’re generally freemium services. If you want a feature-rich corporate site or an impressive digital storefront, you’ll inevitably fork over a significant amount of cash.

Clearly, there’s little financial incentive to not hire Filipino professionals who’ll create your online real estate from scratch.

Using pros is worth it, but can you afford it?

And how much is web design in the Philippines exactly?

The short answer is anywhere from ₱32,300 to ₱80,000.

To have a better idea of how much your new site is going to set you back, here are the primary factors that can drive up the cost:

Page Count

Naturally, designing a site with 50 pages requires more resources than one with 5. So, space economy is important to avoid unnecessarily inflating your cost.

To keep your web design (and web hosting) expenses as low as possible, it would be wise to organize your content properly to eliminate redundant pages that provide no extra value to visitors.

Site Customization

In most cases, basic website templates are good enough. But a bare-bones site doesn’t not make a statement about you. Plus, some extraordinary features are in order to realize the kind of user experience you envision.

Honest providers of Philippines SEO services would tell you that more functionality means higher cost. So, expect to cut a bigger check if you wish to lend more capabilities to your site.

Ecommerce Features

Building a full-fledged online store is more complex than average personal and business sites.

Unlike generic sites, digital storefronts need item filters, product, cart, and order management functionalities, admin and user dashboards, and payment gateways. Putting all of these together takes more work and deep expertise in ecommerce platforms, so the cost would go up.

Item Quantity

Usually, you only have to pay extra to display more items on your ecommerce site when you exceed a threshold.

Here at SDev Technologies, our limit is 100. So as long as you don’t go over it, you shouldn’t have to worry about paying an additional fee.

Tailored Ecommerce Workflow

Customizing your ecommerce workflow can be beneficial to prepare for every possible scenario that could happen when your customers place an order.

However, the cost of labor goes up as your workflow diagram becomes more complicated.


Integrating your site with other pieces of software through application programming interfaces (API) is key to pull data from multiple sources efficiently. API integrations aren’t free, but they can pay for themselves over time.

Get Top-Shelf Web Design Services Without Paying Top Dollar

So, how much is web design in the Philippines?

Ultimately, your final cost would depend on your project requirements and budget.

If you go with SDev, rest assured that you’ll get what you pay for and not spend more than you can afford. Reach us today to discuss what you have in mind for your site and get an estimate!