Finally, a reliable HRIS and Payroll Platform tailor-made for the Philippines.

Super charge your progression towards HR excellence and a motivated workforce through SDev Antares’ comprehensive HR management system.

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Wave goodbye to manual procedures and welcome the ease of HR processes.

SDev Antares is a cutting-edge software developed by SDev Tech’s highly skilled developers, that provides all-in-one HRIS, Payroll, and Timekeeping Solutions. Designed to help the HR team manage employee records, monitor employee timekeeping, and seamlessly generate payroll accurately, quickly, and easily, SDev Antares is a game-changer for HR professionals.

Automated Payroll System

Generate an automated payroll report with accuracy and efficiency that is fully customizable based on the company payroll schedule.

  • Accuracy and Efficiency

    Payroll process automation ensures accuracy and efficiency in payroll management.

  • Printable Pay Slips

    Printable pay slips are generated automatically for employees.

  • Automated Deductions

    Automated deductions, such as taxes and benefits, are calculated and processed automatically.

  • Contributions Updating

    Contributions made by employees and employers are automatically updated in the system.

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all-in-one hr software

All-in-one HR Software

Manage employee records, 201 files, schedules, and other documents seamlessly with automated reports based on your required layout.

  • Manage 201 files seamlessly

    SDev HR+ human resource automation facilitates easy management of 201 files.

  • Shifts and schedule automation

    Shifts and schedules are automated for efficient workforce management.

  • Reports generation

    Generate automated reports for effective decision-making.

  • Ease of use

    SDev HR+ software is designed for ease of use and user-friendliness.

Timekeeping with Geolocation

Monitor employees’ timekeeping, shifts, and leave counts and post an announcement systematically that will reflect on the employee’s timekeeping dashboard.

  • Employee DTR easy monitoring

    SDev Antares allows for easy monitoring of employee daily time records (DTR).

  • Locate your field personnel

    Field personnel can be easily located using the system.

  • Timekeeping with ease

    Employee timekeeping is made easy with the use of a smartphone/kiosk. It has the versatility to connect seamlessly with a wide range of network biometrics.

  • Employee dashboard managements Updating

    Employees have the ability to oversee their own employee dashboard, which enables them to view their remaining leave credits and monitor their time cards.

Timekeeping with geo

SDev HR+ enables you to minimize tedious HR tasks, allowing you to concentrate on more important matters