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Online Payroll System in the Philippines: 5 Surprising Benefits

June 29, 2023/

Filipino companies use different payroll systems to make sure everyone on staff gets paid on schedule and avoid non-compliance strikes from the government. Some rely on bookkeepers and accountants that work as independent contracts. Others use the services of firms that specialize in payroll processing.…

Payroll Software in the Philippines: Top 3 Features to Look for

June 27, 2023/

Beginner’s Guide Adopting a modern payroll management solution can solve the usual office headaches. The human resources and accounting department can finally handle different tasks more efficiently. The workers can expect accurate salaries every payout. The leadership can maintain high employee morale by eliminating pay-related…

What is hris

June 26, 2023/

Beginner’s Guide Human resources professionals are the unsung heroes of any organization. They bridge the rank and file and the higher-ups. Working in tandem with accounting, the HR team makes sure that everyone gets paid on time and in full and that the company always…

Bad Payroll System in the Philippines and 4 More HR Challenges

April 7, 2023/

In business environments, Human Resources often doesn’t get enough love. Maybe no Filipino HR professional is as tragic as The Office’s Toby Flenderson in real life. But being in charge of the needs of employees without having the proper tools to meet their own needs at…

How does a Payroll System work?

August 15, 2022/

A Payroll system is an essential feature of any business. A business owner must ensure that their employees are compensated correctly; companies should correctly track their employee’s shifts in tandem with tax deductions. These tasks are done through the payroll process by a payroll manager.…

Five must-have features your Payroll System Needs!

March 14, 2022/

Since the age of software, payroll operating systems have become obsolete. Depending on the type of system, different functions and features must be taken into consideration. Despite the multitude of options available on the market, many are not worth settling for. After all, you deserve the best.…

Everything to know about Payroll Management System

November 8, 2021/

One of the most important responsibilities for business owners is running a payroll. But it doesn’t have to be stressful so that employers can have more time in achieving goals, and peace of mind and focus more on growing their business. This is where the…

The future of the HR system

November 3, 2021/

The rise of artificial intelligence brought an enormous change in the HR industry in the last decade. Some of these changes include the growth of the economy gig, increased push towards greater diversity, and recently the pandemic that has affected the way how work is…


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