We ensure the safeguarding of your business and data.

For most businesses, their IT systems are a crucial factor in the success of their daily operations, allowing them to connect with customers worldwide. SDev Technologies offers system administration services, and our expert administrators can help you safeguard your critical information, assets, and systems.

We also provide software solutions and IT support, introduce new software and hardware that meet your company’s requirements, and offer training and assistance in developing your overall IT strategy.

network admin

Our system administration services include:

  • Continuous monitoring and maintenance of both software and hardware systems.

  • Troubleshooting any problems that your staff or team cannot handle or fix on their own.

  • Providing up-to-date server security measures within your system.

  • Monitoring and configuration of the firewall.

  • Configuring email and continuous maintenance.

  • Installing software and hardware and continuous upgrades.

  • The system administrator is trained to identify and resolve problems immediately before the problems cause damage to your business.

  • It brings confidence that your systems are stable which will allow your staff to work proactively and productively.

  • The efficiency and effectiveness of the system administrator eventually lead to lower maintenance and lower recovery costs.

  • The system administrator is available to respond quickly whenever something goes wrong.

  • The system administrator can advise the business whether the hardware and software of the company are working as intended.


You can rely on SDev Tech to provide you with the necessary IT assistance remotely.