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Cyber Compliance 101: Is It Necessary to Take a VAPT?

September 11, 2023/

Short for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, VAPT is a way to proactively spot your app’s weaknesses. The goal is to unearth its undiscovered flaws before hackers do. It costs money, but it can be a good investment to avoid major financial losses linked to cyber…

Is Android VAPT Worth It?

September 4, 2023/

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) is an important component of Android app development, but it’s usually more an option than a necessity. VAPT can do wonders for your app. It can help keep hackers at bay, mitigate the effects of data leakage due to misbehaving apps,…

VAPT Philippines: Why Filipino Apps Are in Danger Without It

August 29, 2023/

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) is one of the most underappreciated solutions to combat cyber threats in the Philippines. Granted, it can drive up the cost of developing an app in the country, but it can pay for itself by preventing financial losses stemming from online attacks.…

Why VAPT is Essential for Ensuring Robust Application Security

May 25, 2023/

In today’s digital landscape, where businesses heavily rely on web applications to interact with customers and store sensitive data, ensuring robust application security is of utmost importance. One of the crucial components in achieving this is Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). In this blog…

How to Protect your Business against Cyber Threats?

December 14, 2022/

Since Technology has been evolving rapidly and continually advancing over time, it is undoubtedly making every business process faster and much easier to execute. Devices like computers, and mobile phones, including applications, websites, and social media platforms, help boost convenience for most business owners as…

Stay secure in your work from home world

December 6, 2022/

Companies today are coping with working from home. Even if the pandemic ends, work from home set-up will be here to stay as many of us foresee. As many find this setup convenient and has many advantages it may also risk personal and the companies’…

Protect your business against cyber attacks

September 20, 2021/

Convenience is the main benefit of the rise of e-commerce recently, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. This, however, also served as a gateway to cybersecurity threats for businesses. With cyber threats just lurking around the corner, make sure to be on the defense. Here’s how…

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