SDev Technologies has a pool of website developers who can develop any custom website features that your company requires. Our team has the expertise and skills necessary to accurately determine your web designing and web development requirements and to provide IT services and solutions for you, no matter how basic or complex your functionality is to complete the website project.

Our Web Designing and Web Development process:

  1. Understand Client’s Goal – First, we intently listen to the client’s needs and requirements to gain a sufficient understanding of the goals your website would like to accomplish.
  2. Planning and Conceptualizing– After the initial meeting, we construct plans based on our understanding and present them to the client for confirmation and approval. 
  3. Web Designing and Developing – We propose a design to the client for review and approval and get feedback so you can begin to see your goals come to life. The approved design will then be coded and developed.
  4. Quality Assurance – We will test run the website on different devices and with the help of our advanced tools, we ensure that the website is responsive and error-free. We aim to make the website user-friendly and highly accessible to all intended users. Any error noticed by our team will immediately be corrected.
  5. Website Launch – After ensuring that your website is faultless upon quality assurance checking, we will now finally publish your website to go live. The team will provide continuous support and website monitoring to ensure everything is working as designed.

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