Various experts from our team can help fulfill your requirements for IT support and/or IT services. SDev Technologies can provide any type of assistance for any possible IT staff augmentation that your company desires. 

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation allows your business to have a complete IT team by outsourcing temporary IT personnel with the necessary skills required to complete a project. This will enable you to have all the necessary skills required by your team with only a fraction of the cost of hiring direct employees. Your augmented team will be managed directly as if they are employees of your company but with fewer costs and liabilities.

Why do you need IT Staff Augmentation?

  • Cuts your hiring time and process – with staff augmentation, you can skip job postings and the recruitment process because we can immediately provide you with employees.
  • Reduce costs – staff augmentation is a great way to reduce the general costs of hiring full-time employees by bringing in short-term talent without the full costs associated with hiring direct employees.
  • Keeps your team flexible – one of the benefits of staff augmentation is it gives business flexibility when it comes to team size. You can expand your team based on your needs without going through the lengthy staff recruitment process. Staff augmentation allows companies to respond quickly to the changes in the market and utilize growth opportunities.
  • Gives you more control of your project – Staff augmentation gives you full control of the project and you can set the deadlines and manage the size of your team as needed.
  • Access to a pool of experts and talents – Staff augmentation allows businesses to have access to a larger pool of talents and skilled professionals.