Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a crucial aspect of cybersecurity that helps organizations identify and address vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure. This service, offered by SDev Tech, provides an in-depth analysis of a business’s IT systems to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities.

Conducting regular VAPT allows businesses to stay ahead of potential threats and protect their sensitive data. The process involves simulating real-world cyberattacks to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a system. Once identified, our team of experts will provide solutions to help mitigate or eliminate the risk of a breach.

Key Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing

Identifies risk

Identifies and helps prioritize organizations’ risks

By conducting a regular Vulnerability Assessment and Penetartion Testing in your business's IT infrastructure, it helps easily identify and exploit all of the vulnerabilities within your organization and it gives your priority lists of vulnerabilities so you can focus more on resolving the most critical issues.

Minimize breach

Minimizes data breach

If you have constant security tests and security monitoring within your organization, we can prevent and mitigate any risks that can happen to the business data. This will help protect your business from any data breach or data loss and it can safeguard all of your sensitive data and intellectual properties.

Visbility of security gaps

Gain detailed visibility of security gaps

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing can help you gain perspective and expose blind spots and security gaps that your IT security team might have been missing due to a lack of tools or expertise.

Security Compliance

Provides business security compliance standards

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing helps your business achieve compliance with various standards like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), ISO 27001 / ISO 27002, PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), and many more compliance standards that require audits to be carried out periodically.

Brand security

Protects brand identity and improves consumer confidence

A regular Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing within your business provides due diligence and compliance to your industry and helps improve consumer confidence. It helps establish a strong brand identity due to compliance standards and assurance of data security.

Financial Security

Prevents financial loss

Organizations that engage in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing activities benefit from understanding the consequences of vulnerabilities if they are exploited. Even a minor security breach can lead to significant financial losses, downtime, or data leaks, all of which can result in financial loss.

Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Solutions

appscan standard

HCL AppScan Standard - Dynamic Application Security Testing

A desktop tool for dynamic application security testing (DAST) that is meant to aid both security professionals and penetration testers. It can test applications and APIs for possible vulnerabilities while the applications are operational.

appscan source

HCL AppScan Source - Static Application Security Testing

A static application security testing (SAST) tool that is installed on-site and intended to assist organizations in testing applications and APIs for potential vulnerabilities at an earlier stage in the development cycle.

Protect your Users, Applications, and Data