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Mitigate cybersecurity risk by identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities across the business’ IT infrastructures.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a combined security test designed to help identify and address cybersecurity vulnerabilities and provides solutions to help mitigate or fully eliminate the risk of a breach of an organization’s IT estate.

Why do you need a VAPT?

Technology is ever-evolving – it means that the technology used by hackers and cybercriminals is also advancing. That is why a business needs to maintain solid IT security and prevent any breaches. Establishing strong IT and network security will protect our business assets and all of our sensitive files from getting compromised.

What are the benefits of VAPT?

By conducting a regular VAPT in your business's IT infrastructure, it helps easily identify and exploit all of the vulnerabilities within your organization and it gives your priority lists of vulnerabilities so you can focus more on resolving the most critical issues.

If you have constant security tests and security monitoring within your organization, we can prevent and mitigate any risks that can happen to the business data. This will help protect your business from any data breach or data loss and it can safeguard all of your sensitive data and intellectual properties.

VAPT can help you gain perspective and expose blind spots and security gaps that your IT security team might have been missing due to a lack of tools or expertise.

VAPT helps your business achieve compliance with various standards like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), ISO 27001 / ISO 27002, PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), and many more compliance standards that require audits to be carried out periodically.

A regular VAPT within your business provides due diligence and compliance to your industry and helps improve consumer confidence. It helps establish a strong brand identity due to compliance standards and assurance of data security.