Is Android VAPT Worth It?

Is Android VAPT Worth It?

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) is an important component of Android app development, but it’s usually more an option than a necessity.

VAPT can do wonders for your app. It can help keep hackers at bay, mitigate the effects of data leakage due to misbehaving apps, and prevent breaches in case the device gets stolen or lost. More importantly, it can help protect your company’s reputation and inspire confidence in your app’s target audience.

However, Android VAPT does cost money. The more complex your app is, the more you may have to pay to get it thoroughly tested.

So, is it worth it?

A resounding yes!

No matter how big your bill gets, VAPT is a reasonable expense in the grand scheme of things. Don’t believe us?

Here are some facts:

Android Is More Vulnerable to Mobile Malware

iOS isn’t immune to cyber attacks, but Android is way more susceptible to threats due to its open nature. Unlike its Apple counterpart, Google’s operating system allows app downloads from third-party marketplaces. In short, Android apps are more exposed to dubious programs.

Historically, Android tends to be more buggy than iOS. The former has seen about three times the amount of vulnerabilities in one year than the latter has recorded in five.

One vulnerability is all advanced smartphone malware needs to exploit your Android app and compromise its user’s device.

But with VAPT, you can discover your app’s weaknesses before hackers do. Getting your Android app regularly professionally audited is key to outsmarting cyber criminals.

In a constantly changing cybersecurity landscape, you must have a 360-degree view of your security gaps to catch blind spots and remain compliant with international standards.

Potential Losses due to Cybercrime Are Eye-Watering

Cyber criminals are projected to cost the world a staggering $10 trillion every year by 2025. That makes it more lucrative than the trade of all major illicit drugs worldwide.

If you’re not happy about having to budget for Android VAPT on top of your other mobile app development expenses, you may still lose money even if you don’t do it. The only difference is that you could be making criminals rich instead of spending your resources to stop them from stealing from you and your users.

Recovery Isn’t Cheap

One survey revealed that small business owners severely underestimate the amount of money needed to get back from a cyber attack by more than 90%.

What’s more, the participants think that the entire recovery process only takes less than 90 days when it could actually take more than 9 months.

Say the victims don’t hold you accountable for losses they incurred after your app got hacked, you still wouldn’t be off the hook. You would have to rebuild your company’s image and possibly spend an untold amount of cash on public relations.

Avoid Learning Cybersecurity Lessons the Hard Way

One of SDev Tech’s missions is to make Android apps as cyber attack–proof as possible. If you want to know more about our Android VAPT services and to discuss your needs, book your consultation with us today!