SDev Cares first CSR initiative at Silungan ng Pag-asa

SDev Cares

SDev Technologies team provides children battling cancer and leukemia with little help through SDev Cares. Happened on February 25, 2022, SDev Cares first CSR initiative was at Silungan ng Pag-asa/Shelter of Hope at Paco, Manila.

SDev Cares 6

The shelter helps children who are fighting against cancer and leukemia. The shelter is an independent foundation so they only rely on donations from organizations. Our heart breaks when the team saw the conditions of the children but SDev Cares wants to embed hope by expressing love and kindness to the children.

SDev Cares

SDev Cares is grateful to have experienced its first CSR and the team will make you sure that this is just the beginning of SDev Technologies’ social initiative journey.