HCL Notes Administration and Application Development

SDev Technologies provides business collaboration and HCL software solutions such as email, calendars, to-do lists, contacts management, team-rooms, discussion forums, file sharing, instant messaging, and user directories thru HCL Notes Domino (formerly Lotus Notes Domino). HCL Notes Domino can also be used with other applications and databases which can be tailored to your company’s needs. SDev has an experienced team for your installation, administration, and application development needs. We are a managed IT service provider that will help you transform your business.

Benefits of HCL Notes Domino (Lotus Notes Domino) as your database management system:

  • The total cost of ownership is archived by built-in monitoring, highly flexible user policies, and automation of server maintenance.
  • Domino can be accessed thru mobile phone, desktop client, and on the browser.
  • It provides high data security and data access security.
  • It allows the user to work in offline mode by creating a local copy of the database file.

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