Nextcloud Solution as your IT system

Nextcloud Solution as your IT system

Have trouble finding the best match of IT Solution for you or/and your business? Well, look no further for Nextcloud is the “IT” (pun half-intended) Solution System! Nextcloud is an industry-leading, on-premises content collaboration platform that can help boost productivity in your workgroup. They provide technology that combines the ease of use of consumer-grade storage solutions, which can be used by anybody, with business-grade security, privacy, and management.

You might be wondering what Nextcloud can offer and its feature and what set it above all the other systems. Aside from it being very easy to access, and having to be compatible with any gadgets, it can also be integrated with other systems (IOS, Android, Outlook, Mac, Windows, Thunderbird, Linux). This can ease the setup, configuration, and integration and lowers costs and risks while allowing you to leverage your existing IT assetsNextcloud Groupware is your partner in making plans for the team, email hosting with webmail, calendars, and contacts that are easily accessible. It is a user-friendly web interface that will surely take care of your files, emails, contacts, and calendars with absolute security. It also comes with Nextcloud Files—their cloud storage solution.

For meetings, you can use Nextcloud Talk. It features online meetings and web conferences that can support screen sharing without the risk of getting the content of your meeting leaked. What is shared in the forum stays in the forum. It is also worth noting that it is very flexible as it has the capability to be bridged to other platforms. You can also get the application for IOS and Android. There is a push notification feature that can allow the users to be reminded and alerted if there is an incoming meeting. 

You can leave it for the Nextcloud File to take care of the storing of the documents, files, and photos. One of the most useful properties of Nextcloud File is that can edit collaboratively files compatible with Microsoft Office, talk about being hassle-less! You can access it with all of your working gadgets (mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops). Not only that, but you can also view real-time notifications of shares and comments in the shared files. If you want to lock a file to prevent others from editing it, you can also do that. And if you ever run out of storage, you could upgrade the initial storage. It does not only provide a reliable disaster recovery solution, but it also allows you to boost your team’s productivity with strong integrated document collaboration and communication features.

If you want the full package, there is the Nextcloud Hub. It contains all the features said above with the previous web interfaces. It enables multiple users to collaborate on documents, send and receive emails, manage their calendars, and conduct secure video calls. Here, you can use all three of Nextcloud Groupware, Nextcloud Talk, and Nextcloud Files. 

As you can see, Nextcloud Solution can not only offer many great features but can also ensure the safety of the contents shared on their platform. That is why Nextcloud is the “IT” System!