SDev Technologies is a managed IT service provider that helps your business to have seamless communication and collaboration within your company, as well as boost business productivity through Microsoft Office 365 technology. With the help of our experienced team of Microsoft o365 administrators, we will be your helping frame in the success of your organization. 

Key benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for your business:

  • Users can access files anywhere – office 365 is entirely cloud-based which means you can access emails, files, and any office programs from any device as long as you have internet connectivity.
  • Secure cloud storage – office 365 has built-in security such as two-factor authentication which ensures protection from unauthorized access. 
  • Collaborate with your team anywhere and anytime – whenever your team works together with shared tasks or documents, office 365 provides you with plenty of features that will allow your team work together. 
  • Automatic upgrade with the latest version – updates to the latest version are always available as part of your office 365 subscription with no additional charges.