HCL Domino Volt Workflows and Application Development

Quickly develop engaging and comprehensive applications with integrated workflows with a low-code platform through HCL Domino Volt. SDev Technologies provide HCL Domino Volt Solutions to help you create and develop great-looking enterprise-grade applications – fast – with HCL Software’s low-code platform without specialized IT skills.

What are the advantages of HCL Domino Volt?

  • Creating low-code applications

Create workflows within your applications to eliminate manual processes and turn spreadsheets into workflow apps with low code requirements without any specialized IT skills.

  • Build and develop applications and workflows lightning fast

Quickly create applications with forms, views, and workflows. Integrate your manual process with enterprise-grade applications with easy and fast deployment.

  • Quick Installation

HCL Domino Volt apps are easy to install without the complexity and expertise needed.

  • Highly customized appearance and functionality

With basic CSS and JS, each form, workflow, form, and report can be tailor-fit to your process and can customize the design based on your brand.