Everything you need to know about VAPT

Everything you need to know about VAPT

Everything you need to know about VAPT and why your company needs it


Technology has been paving the way for us to be more interconnected through different digital devices and complex systems. But one fact about this is that these devices and systems are not foolproof, meaning, these are still prone or highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.  

So, what actually is VAPT? A vulnerability assessment is a thorough examination of an information system’s security flaws. It determines whether the system is vulnerable to any known flaws, rates the seriousness of those flaws, and, where necessary, suggests mitigation or correction. 

On the other hand, a penetration test, often known as a pen test, is a legitimate simulated attack carried out on a computer system to assess its security. To identify and illustrate the effects of system flaws on the business, penetration testers employ the same tools, strategies, and procedures as attackers.


Technology is fast advancing, and so are the technologies used by the cyber hackers to attack your system. This is why you need to secure your system through the VAPT process. This will help you protect your sensitive files, data, system and business assets from getting compromised. An organization can learn more about any security flaws in its environment through VAPT. It also offers guidance on how to evaluate the risks brought on by those flaws.

Understanding that vulnerabilities exist in all sizes of hardware, software, and configurations is crucial. Additionally, because they lack strict security procedures and protection from cyber-threats, smaller businesses are more appealing to hackers. Therefore, it is essential to routinely assess your organization’s cybersecurity and secure your enterprise. 


Now is the time for you to hire a VAPT Services Provider and get rid of all the cyber-attacks. When it comes to improving your security posture, SDev Technologies can surely be at your service. SDev VAPT team can help your system from being a target of cyber-attack. They can help you find better ways to secure your data, business files and sensitive documents. SDev Technologies can also help you identify risks, minimize data breach and provide business security compliance standards. Always remember, PREVENTION is better than CURE.