A comprehensive guide to data extraction and consolidation

Data anlytics

We have access to more data today than ever before! But the question is, how can you make the most out of your data? The huge challenge is how will you integrate, manage and analyze the multitude of data from an ever-evolving array of technological sources. For data to be beneficial, it has to be consolidated and extracted for efficient data analysis and integration.

What is data extraction?
Data extraction is the method by which organizations collect and retrieve different types of data from various database sources such as SaaS-software-as-a-service platforms- online transactions, database systems, and different web pages. The extracted data will then be transformed into and loaded into your storage vessel of choice for suitable data analytics via the ETL process.

What is the ETL process? (Extraction, Transform, and Load Process)

This is the first step of the ETL process wherein data will be collected from one or more sources. The extraction process locates and identifies useful and relevant data which then can be processed for transformation.

After the extraction process, the data is now ready for consolidation in order to improve data quality and establish consistency. In this phase, the data will be filtered, validated, and authenticated into a form more suitable for analysis.

In this stage, the transformed data is now ready to move from the staging area into a unified target location for storage (data lake or data warehouse) and is ready for analysis. The data is now ready for sharing and analysis for other users or departments.

Why is data extraction important?
To help businesses achieve their lofty data goals, it is important to have comprehensible and organized data in order to gain further insight. The data from the ETL process will be used to improve and automate the business process, allowing for more decisive business strategies to be implemented.

Consider professional services for data extraction
If you are having a hard time consolidating or extracting the correct data from your system, consider seeking professional help to provide you with the exact data you need for analysis.  SDev Technologies can provide you with efficient data extraction and data analytics services to make the most out of your data and empower your business. SDevTech helps you reveal key points that you might have been missing and provide you with professional solutions.