5 Tips on how to Secure Business Network

secure business network

Business networks are always put under pressure than ever before due to the rapid increase of cybercrime and cybersecurity threats in this cyber world. Unfortunately, cybersecurity experts can’t be anywhere within an organization and IT staff might be unaware of cybersecurity practices to protect the business network. A small mistake from a single uninformed employee about cybersecurity might expose the business to full risk and vulnerability so it is essential to educate every single IT staff and employee about how to secure a business network. 

But what is network security? 

Network security protects the business’s sensitive data and prevents them from being breached, stolen, compromised, and other cyber threats. Network security is also a process of creating a strategic strong defensive approach to protect business IT infrastructures such as applications, systems, hardware, and software and control access within and outside the organization. 

How to secure a business network? 

Perform a network security audit 

Whenever or whatever you are trying to develop in any aspect of your business network, the first step is always performing a network audit. One of the best ways to audit your network is by performing a VAPT or Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. A VAPT can provide you with an in-depth detailed security report which you can use to evaluate your current position and exploit possible vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure. A network audit will help you identify which part of your IT infrastructure needs to improve and is underperforming so you can perform immediate solutions to prevent cybersecurity threats. 

Install Security Software 

Security software like anti-viruses, firewalls, and anti-malware can help your business network protect from hackers and other malicious software.  Security Software will play as an immediate counter against cybercriminals as they attempt to access your business network. But be mindful that you should always keep your security software up-to-date to access the latest updates and patches of each software you are using. 

Keep all applications, hardware, and software up-to-date 

Technology is ever-evolving same as your business apps, hardware, and software are also evolving and need an update from time to time. An outdated application, hardware, and software might expose your business to risk because an outdated version of the tools your business is using is most likely hackers have already identified its vulnerability. So always keep in mind to update all your applications, hardware, and software to their latest versions 

Train employees in cybersecurity practices 

Network security threats are highly preventable as long as you have the right skills and talents within your organization to prevent them from happening. It is essential to educate your employees on cybersecurity practices because breaches and threats might get caused by user mistakes. 

Restrict access to sensitive data 

Access-based operation is one of the best ways to secure a business network. Top management or the ones that are trustworthy to the company should only be the ones that have access to the crucial data, files, or applications of the business. Business data should be classified based on its level of sensitivity so that the more sensitive the data is, the more restricted it is to employees.